Custom Tent Packages

Custom Tent Packages

Your wedding is far too unique to fit into something pre-made so we are pleased to offer custom tent packages built around your individual needs.

We will guide you through the process of planning your room from start to finish. From tables & chairs to linen, glassware & dishes we will help you choose exactly what you need for your perfect night! We will even include a free floor plan to make set-up a breeze!

The savings you will see in your package is based of the overall amount of your reservation:

Spend $500 - $2000 and get 10% off
Spend $2001 - $3500 and get 11% off
Spend $3501 or more and get 12% off

Not sure where to start? No problem! We've created sample floor plans to get you started.

Sample 50 Person Tent Packages
Sample 75 Person Tent Packages
Sample 100 Person Tent Packages
Sample 125 Person Tent Packages
Sample 150 Person Tent Packages

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